The answer to this question is definitely yes. All water heaters do need proper servicing, typically twice a year is recomended by most water heater manufacturers but, that depends on the hardness (mineral content) of your water. Once a year is sufficient in Sacramento Areas.

Proper water heater maintenance service:
  • Through inspection
  • Know the age, check the date code
  • Test for proper operation
  • Flush the tank (NOT drain)
  • Clean out the gas drip-leg (unscrew bottom 1/2" cap)
  • Removing and clean the burner assembly
  • Check for thermal expansion
  • Check for leakage (water and gas)
  • Calibration operation (set proper temp. and gauge read)
  • Testing for carbon monoxide leakage
  • Inspect the flue vent (for proper alignment & fitting)
  • Depending on the age, check or replace the anode rod
  • Test gas pressure and water pressure
  • Check for current code requirement (safety updates)
  • Following a proper annual maintenance schedule at lease once a year in the Sacramento areas will keep your water heater working most efficiently, giving you the most hot water for the lease amount of cost and extending the life of your water heater. Water Heater Pros performs such a service, we offer you a 3-year service plan, that includes a free anode rod. For more information call our service department and ask about our 3-year service plan options, we will be happy to send you information. Customer Service 916-344-4500

    Did you know?

    When water temperatures inside your water heater reach 120 degress and greater, a rapid seperation of minerals in the water settle to the bottom of your tank, in a jelly like form, this is called acid water (dirty water), because of the high consentrations of alkalines, sulphates and other caustic minerals.

    Flushing your water heater on a regular basis removes these consentrations of caustic minerals, adding years of life to your water heater as well as providing you with clean water for bathing, showering, washing dishes, clothes etc. so be good to your skin and "Flush that tank"

    Dry Skin has been also known to be a caused by the leaching of mineral deposits (acid water) from your water heater tank while you bathe or shower. When did you flush your tank last?